Codeflow Designer
Mac (Beta)
For OS X 10.9 and above
For Windows 7 and above
Linux (Alpha)
For Ubuntu | Debian

The Codeflow designer is a graphical user interface for designing and debugging Codeflow programs and other assets. The designer comes with a latest version of Codeflow engine embedded in it and includes everything required to design and debug Codeflow programs locally.

Additional Requirements

  • The designer requires Node.js™ (version 4.x or above) installed in the system to work correctly.

Codeflow Engine

Codeflow engine is the runtime component for executing the flows. The engine can be installed and run independently of the designer, which is the typical way of deploying programs in a production environment.

The engine is available as an NPM™ package and can be installed as a global module, as shown below:

npm install -g codeflow
codeflow --help

For more details, refer to the documentation - deploying Codeflow in production.